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2021-2022 Latest Statistics

Home services advertising benchmarks: social media advertising (Nationwide)

Subcategory Average CPL AVG Click-Through Rate AVG CPC Service Hero CPL
Air Conditioning Services $62.80 1.28% $1.92 $34.89
Air Conditioning Sales $116.75 0.96% $1.09 $44.01
Heating & Furnaces $72.97 1.22% $1.55 $38.22
Plumbers $72.97 1.11% $1.92 $35.43
Roofers & Gutters $116.75 1.25% $1.68 $44.78
Pest & Rodent Control $70.11 1.51% $1.23 $26.19
Landscaping $58.56 1.79% $1.13 $22.55
Pools & Spas $70.11 1.31% $0.92 $48.99

CPA (Cost Per Lead) Varies based off of seasonality & weather

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube may not be the first that jump to mind for home service business marketing—until you think about how many homeowners use videos and photos on these platforms to get ideas for, troubleshoot, and fix things in their homes.


Advertising costs and ROI will vary according to whether your business falls under plumbing, HVAC, pools and spas, landscaping, or another category. Costs will also vary within those categories depending on your budget, location, and other factors.

Step 1.

We run ads for your business

We will connect to your Facebook business account and set-up ads.

Step 2.

We generate leads

We will design your graphics and leads will start funneling into your Service Hero 360 platform.

Step 3.

Service Hero 360 (Automation CRM)

When the leads come into our automated platform, our system will automatically reach out and book the leads.

Step 4.

You sell & profit

You or your technician shows up for the appointment, sells it and profit! $

$850,000 revenue generated using Facebook Advertising

Throughout 2021 we were able to generate over 500 social media leads, 220 Google PPC leads & move his google page ranking to page 2 by adding citations, optimizing Jakes Google My Business page and creating backlinks.


To create brand awareness we launched traffic campaigns and weekly Facebook posts that net an aditional 2k page visits, 136 likes and 378,000 people reached.

643% Return On FB Adspend in 15 months

We understand weather cycles & demand!


Our Social Media Offering

We know how to prove our results are delivering

Social Media Estimates

We run estimates for several different industries! Below are snapshots from just a few of our clients that are selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment & services each month.

Think We're Full of sh*t?

Check out some of the results we've had for our clients.

What kind of ROI can you get working with us?

Does your current marketing company tell you what your ROI is?

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