Build automations with triggers, filters and goals to streamline your marketing, sales, workflows and more in Service Hero 360.


Garrett Elmore

1. Automations Overview

With automations, you can create expert funnels and processes to streamline your marketing, sales, workflows and more. Here’s an overview of how it all works.

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2. Automations Tour

Take a quick tour through Ontraport’s Automation Builder to get acquainted with the tools and elements you’ll need to get started.

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3. Triggers

Learn how triggers add the right contacts to your automations at just the right times.
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4. Waits

The “wait” element lets you create pauses between steps in your automations. Here’s a deep dive into using waits and their various settings.

5. Goals

Goals represent an action you want contacts to take in your automations, like making a purchase. Find out how they work in this deep dive.

6. Actions

There are more than a dozen actions you can automate with Ontraport. Learn how they work and how to add them to your automations.

7. Conditions

Create multiple personalized paths on your automation maps with the filter element following this deep dive tutorial.

8. Creating An Automation

Create a fully functional lead magnet and nurturing automation step-by-step, using all the tools you’ve learned about.

9. Testing Automations

Find out how to test your automations to catch any errors before publishing to your contacts.

Latest Integrations

GeoLeads - Prospecting made easy

  • 2,500 – 7,500 homeowner leads per month
  • Filter house information
  • Unlimited Zipcodes
  • Homeowner email addresses
  • Homeowner phone numbers
  • Homeowner financial insights

Never worry about leads again!